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Welcome to Werebears! This website features a game that is very similar to classic Werewolves or Mafia, only with a few more features: new roles, a completely random roledistributor that allows you to bluff and claim to be anything you want, a dynamic item trading (or stealing!) system and many more! This page is here to help you get started. Werebears is not hard to learn and, once you get used to it, can be really fun to play with big amounts of people!

Getting started

At the start of each game, you are assigned a role. This role is either a villager (or "goody"), or a werewolf/follower ("baddy"). The werewolves know eachother, while the villagers have to guess who their companions are. The followers are villagers that betrayed the others, they must seek the werewolves before they are eaten too! Every night, the werewolves come out to eat one of the villagers. When the sun rises, the villagers must find out who the werewolves are and try to lynch one of them, while the werewolves try to behave as normal as possible. The point of the game is simple: the villagers win once every werewolf is eliminated. The baddies win if their number is greater than the amount of villagers left.

Some roles have special powers to aid them in their battle. The seer, for example, may use her crystal ball to discover the role of another villager. Baddies have special powers too, and they will try their best to sabotage the goodies. Werebears is a game of tactics, use your skills wisely!

Certain roles are more active during specific times of the day. You have morning-people, evening-people, night-people, day-people... Lots of people, some even like to do nothing at all.

Every role has its own characteristics as well. Some people can use magic, some people can't. Some don't mind killing another living being as much as others. These characteristics force you to collaborate, as you may not be able to use a newly-found item properly.

About items: there are many different kinds used for many different purposes. There are weapons, which require the user to be cold-blooded, that can be used to eliminate someone else, tools, which can be used for various things, and several magic artefacts for the people who know how to use them. Items can be given away freely during the day, but watch out who you're giving it to!

Role list


Villager - Discuss who the werewolves might be and lynch them before it's too late.
Survivor - Cannot be eaten.
King - Cannot be lynched.
Executioner - Execute one person during the day.
Priest - Pour holy water over one person during the day, killing them if they are a werewolf or witch.
Druid - Protect a person from the werewolves each night, but never the same person twice in a row.
Exchanger - Swap bodies with another person each night, but never the same person twice in a row. Any night actions performed on him will have effect on his target and vice-versa.
Hustler - Visit another person each night, but never the same person twice in a row. Any night actions performed on her will fail and any actions performed on her target will have effect on both of them.
Trader - Every night, trade roles with another player. As long as they aren't a baddy, the trade will succeed and you swap roles, proving both of you as goodies. Beware when obtaining the exchanger role though: your role will be swapped with the original exchanger, rather than its target (to prevent you from obtaining an evil role). This means that the person you will trade could be any role, including bad ones.
Seer - Have a vision of another person's role every night.


Heretic - Pretend to pour holy water over another person, while really it's just water.
Shaman - Have a vision of another person's role every night.
Werewolf - Eat a villager each night with your fellow werewolves. Make sure they agree!
Contagious Werewolf - Feast on other villagers or convert them for a new ally.

Action order

This is the order roles' actions are processed in, in order to prevent overlapping.

  • the same order as they are executed in.
  • Exchanger
  • Trader
  • Druid, Hustler, Seer, Shaman
  • Werewolf, Contagious Werewolf


Always keep these in mind as you play!
  2. OBEY
  3. THE
  4. RULES
  5. Have fun!


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